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Flairdocs Products

Flairdocs is a web-enabled workflow and document management application designed to streamline and simplify your end-to-end right of way and property management processes. We translate your specific processes and needs into a customizable e-framework, using best practices to eliminate redundancies, automate processes and improve productivity.

    Flairdocs™ is hosted at a state-of-the-art SAS70 Compliant data center, managed by BlueMile, located at our in-house data center. Our data center is connected by a 10MBPS bandwidth, allowing for rapid connectivity to the internet. Benefits of our data center include:

    • Highly redundant & SAS70 Certified Data Center
    • Nationwide Infrastructure Backbone
    • Redundant Power Supply
    • Top Notch Physical Security
    • Environmentally Controlled, Fire-Retardant Facility

    We offer customization to meet each of our client’s specific requirements, adding and modifying modules according to business needs. Throughout the customization process, we offer:

    • Agile Product Development
    • End-to-end Software Development & Support
    • Comprehensive Legacy Systems Modernization
    • Quality Management

    Flairsoft has proven experience in delivering complex IT solutions that integrate seamlessly with your enterprise systems. These systems include:

    • ERP: Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP
    • Document Management: FileNet, Documentum, SharePoint
    • Business Intelligence and Reporting: Cognos, Business Objects, AdHoc
    • Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2

    Throughout the integration process, Flairsoft offers data migration and reporting to transfer and configure all relevant data into your new Flairdocs solution, to ensure that the process is thorough and complete.

    • Custom-built utility based on the existing data
    • Data cleansing, mapping, loading, transforming and migrating
    • Pre and Post migration validation and verification
    • Seamless conversion and collaborative validation

    We offer comprehensive user training following development projects for our clients. Our training encompasses the customer’s system users, system administrators, and system integrators. We provide:

    • Onsite trainers
    • Training materials
    • Comprehensive training courses
    • 24×7 Technical Support

      We provide application helpdesk support for Levels 1, 2 and 3 to ensure our customers’ support needs are met in a timely fashion.

    Flairdocs uses a state of the art technology platform that is highly configurable, secure, scalable and interoperable, and works seamlessly in a cloud as well as client environments. We leverage Microsoft’s technology stack which works seamlessly with SQL Server and all the leading database platforms. The core modules are developed on the basis of Microsoft’s design patterns to ensure software standards.

    Flairdocs solution is self-contained, not dependent on hardware, software, a specific vendor or technology. It can run on both virtual as well as physical servers.

    Flairsoft has been providing 24/7 maintenance support to various clients in United States since 2006 and has developed various tools and techniques to support both Cloud and On-site applications. Our customers have rated our response time as the BEST, which demonstrates our robust and proven support methodology to satisfy our customer needs.

    Contact Support Services

    Customer Service Representatives are available by phone and email to resolve issues and answer any questions. Email: (24/7) Phone: (614) 888-0700 ext. 206 (Monday through Friday – 8:00AM-5:30PM EST)

    Additional Support Services

    Flairsoft has additional support service areas that are available to customers within the solution.

    • Email Q & A: Flairsoft provides email question and answer to topics and functionalities included within their product lines.
    • Application Help Guides: The Flairdocs products has an embedded help service that contains information helpful to the user in a screen by screen, module by module basis. This aids the user for a quick reference in times of need.


BPM Track

Business Process Management Framework

Flairdocs is an innovative, web-based, scalable, easy to use solution that completely eliminates paper processes, improves operational effi­ciencies, manages the complexity of Contract and Case Management, delivering demonstrable cost savings. Flairdocs streamlines business processes, reduces time to-completion, increases accountability, and reduces bottom line costs.

Flairdocs helps you re-engineer your operations based on best practices in business process management using information technology to eliminate redundancies, automate processes and deliver results to improve productivity. Our solution for Contract and Case Management is designed to reduce cycle times and costs through increased performance quality, and features core modules including Security, Administration, Templates, Workflow, Notification, Reporting and Checklist.

BPM Track Benefits

Key industry focused solutions include:

  • Integrated Case Management
  • Workflow and Document Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Project Management and eCollaboration

Fast Track

Fast Track is our lightweight, “Software as a Service” (SaaS) version of our flagship Enterprise solution, Flairdocs. Reliable, secure, and stored on the cloud, you can “rent” Fast Track for a low cost for as long as you need, while keeping your data safe and separate.

Fast Track Features

Flairdocs Fast Track support end-to-end tracking and process automation for all aspects of your Right of Way project. Featured modules of the product include:

  • Right of Way Acquisition
  • Project &Tract Management
  • Estimation
  • Permitting
  • Legal and Condemnation
  • Lease
  • Survey
  • Appraisal
  • Title Search
Administrative Functions Include
  • Role Based Security, with employee and contractor access
  • Configurable Lists
  • Common Instrument Templates
  • Reporting & Notification Engine

Fast Track Benefits
  • Rapid Installation A typical 5-10 day installation places minimal demands on your busy team.
  • Low Cost, High Quality Affordable for small to medium size operations, while keeping the rich features of Flairdocs.
  • Easy to Use, Intuitive User Interface reduces the learning curve and training time.
  • No Long Term Commitment required ‘rent’ Fast Track for as long as you need it!
  • No Need to Manage Technical Infrastructure Fast Track is fully hosted and supported by Flairdocs technical experts.

Right Track

Flairdocs effectively manages the entire Right of Way, Real Property and real estate management process – from land acquisition, to legal proceedings, and beyond – in a single, powerful solution. By consolidating your data and processes through Right Track, your one-stop-shop for land rights management, you can improve operational efficiency, eliminate paper-based hassle, and in the end, deliver significant time and cost savings.

Right Track Features

Flairdocs Right Track supports end-to-end tracking and process automation for all aspects of your Right of Way project. Featured modules of the product include:

  • Right of Way Acquisition
  • Project & Parcel Information
  • Survey
  • Appraisal
  • Title
  • Offer Negotiation
  • Lease/Rental/Permit
  • Surplus
  • Disposition (Sale/Closing)
  • Access Control
Administrative Functions Include:
  • Role Based Security, with employee and contractor access
  • Configurable Lists
  • Common Instrument Templates
  • Reporting & Notification Engine

Right Track Benefits
  • Consolidate, Standardize, and Transform Your Business
    • By combining all aspects of Right of Way and land acquisition into a single solution, you can reduce training costs, foster interdepartmental collaboration, and ensure accountability through each step of the process.
  • Integrate Information, Improve Decision Making
    • Unify enterprise architecture and vast quantities of information into a single database to improve decision making and generate a wide array of complex, invaluable land management documents.
  • Safeguard Your Data, Safeguard Your Project
    • Simplify compliance mandates with cutting edge regulation information, thereby fully safeguarding your sensitive information.

Mobile Track

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our work and personal lives. Secure enterprise mobility is not only a path to convenience and efficiency, but also a key driver to business innovation.

Flairdocs™: MobileTrack is a revolutionary solution that enables users to leverage core product capabilities on numerous mobile platforms, including Android, iOS and Blackberry. This mobile, standalone version can be synchronized with Flairdocs™webservers through an internet connection, and can be used offline by project agents and managers in the field.

Mobile Track Features

Flairdocs Mobile Track provides ease of access to the application users while on the go. The features available in Flairdocs mobile version are:

  • Project & Tract Management
  • Stakeholder Recording
  • Survey
  • Title
  • Agent Notes
  • GIS & Map Search
  • Reports
  • Document Upload/View
  • Offline Support

Mobile Track Benefits
  • User Friendly: Easy to use and update all stakeholder communications
  • Ease of Access: Real time access, stay connected and updated when in the field
  •  Increase Efficiency: Communicate, review and record customer interactions in the field – no need to wait until personnel are back in the office to enter updates
  • Secured and Configurable: Solution with easy mobile GIS user interface



Geo Track

Use our GIS viewer to manage your projects visually, with integrated Right of Way system data. Real-time, layered maps allow you to view and easily configure your projects, using ESRI-based Geospatial and base-map data, in addition to other sources, for Geodata collection and retention.

Geo Track Benefits
  • Estimate Costs Ahead of Time
    • Visually plan alternate routes and estimate the cost impacts of different ROW designs
  • Intuitive Information Flow
    • At a glance, quickly see what phases each of the parcels are in, with color-coded status themes
  • Quick, Easy, Effective
    • Display land-owner, property, and other project information at the click of a mouse
  • Visual Advantage
    • Visually compare third party data on marketing compositions or points of interest

Utility Track

Utility Track a comprehensive Flairdocs module that supports all aspects of utility process tracking, including relocation and leasing. Use it to streamline your utility related right of way processes by managing utility information, design, end-to-end workflow approval and more. Utility Track and seamlessly integrates with your right of way and real estate system, as well as payment processing vouchers to make your transaction easier.


Utility Track Benefits
  • One stop utility management: UtilityTrack provides a powerful, integrated solution to streamline your utility tracking processes with full compliance to the Federal Uniform Act
  • Quick to Implement, Easy to Use: Fast deployment and an intuitive user interface mean you can get your projects up to speed more quickly
  • Hosted Model: No need to manage your infrastructure as the solution is hosted at Flairsoft’s data center
  • No long-term commitment required
  • Flexible, scalable, and easily configurable to your specific needs and local regulations
Utility Track Features

Utility track manages the end to end utility tracking processes for a successful utility relocation and leasing project, and contains modules for:

  • Utility information management
  • Utility design and planning
  • Utility relocation
  • Utility leasing and maintenance
  • Utility payment processing
  • Utility estimation
  • Utility document management
Administrative Functions Include:
  • Role-based security for employees or contractors
  • Common instrument templates
  • Reporting and notification engine

EPS Track

The Flairdocs Outdoor Advertising module facilitates the management of properties and processes involved in highway beautification, sign advertising, their compliance, violations, permits and renewals. Use our simplified, highly configurable solution to meet tracking needs for sign advertising inventory and save your organization money squandered in the process.

EPS Track Benefits
  • Standardize and Simplify Advertising Management
    • Outdoor Ad Smart combines support for advertising sign input forms, advertisement tracking, and more in a quick-to-deploy solution to save your time and money.
  • Customize to Meet Your Management Style
    • Configure custom notifications and document delivery to stay on top of the changing regulations and deadlines that affect your advertisement.
  • No-Hassle Infrastructure Management
    • No need to fret over data; all infrastructure is hosted at Flairsoft’s data center.
EPS Tack Features
  • Sign inventory and tracking
  • Sign location and specifications
  • Sign compliance
  • Sign violation
  • Sign permits and their renewals
  • Sign history and permit history
  • Relocation credit
  • Sign payments

Relo Track

Flairdocs Relo Track provides comprehensive support for all aspects of relocation, including residential and non-residential. By integrating seamlessly with your right of way and real estate systems, Relo Track gives you the organizational horsepower to accurately see the process through to completion.

Relo Track Features
  • Residential
  • Non-Residential
  • Sign Inventory
  • Personal Property Only

Relo Track Benefits
  • Ensures Complete Compliance With Federal Uniform Act
    • Provides a framework for all stages of a legally compliant relocation, including occupant interview, move planning, relocation claim, appeal, and payment details with approved workflow.
    • Improves correctness and documentation of Federal Uniform Act benefit calculations.
  • Intuitive Walkthrough of Relocation Workflow Approval
    • Provides support for relocation studies for relocation advisory assignments, all the way through the final payment.
  • Flexible and Easy to Use
    • Relo Track can be deployed quickly and simply to reduce cost and training, and can be modified to suit agency-specific needs and regulations. No long term commitment required.
  • No-Hassle Infrastructure Management
    • No need to manage your infrastructure as the solution is hosted at Flairsoft’s data center.

Contract Track

Contract Management is a complex process that spans from the early stages of the acquisition lifecycle through the life of the resulting contract. With Contract Track, you acquire a robust and mature way to modernize your contract lifecycle management process through our web-based framework that has led the industry for over half a decade.

Contract Track Benefits
  • Automate All Steps of Contract Management to Ensure Accuracy
    • Contract Track integrates and automates the process of generating user requirements, budgetary approvals, solicitation processes, evaluation, award, and post-award performance monitoring to ensure total accuracy.
  • Simplify Legal Compliance
    • The Contract Track eContracting solution allows for the easy creation of electronic legal contract documents, and provides additional support services for negotiation, arbitration, and more.
  • Ensure Transparency and Accountability
    • By streamlining contract management, Contract Track enhances interdepartmental communication, thereby increasing accountability and transparency in a difficult legal process.




Real Track

Flairdocs provides comprehensive support for automating end-to-end business processes surrounding Real Property and Right of Way using a scalable BPM automation framework.

Our solution is designed to support land and real estate-related activities for the Air Force, highway systems, property management units and communications facilities. Flairdocs assists in the acquisition and administration of Real Property records for property, environmental and legal matters, while integrating project management, capital expansion, check registry and the control and management of asset inventory.

Flairsoft has built a dedicated technology and software organization within the RP industry, becoming the only vendor company with the comprehensive IT and integration experience necessary to seamlessly implement this solution. Flairdocs is a purely browser-based solution and requires no individual installation on user machines, which other smaller programs may require. With geographically dispersed field operations, the Real Property and Right of Way industry demands mobile and secure internet access that allows employees to perform their jobs efficiently from any location in the world.

Real Track Features:
  • Seamlessly manage: Inventory, Leases, Permits, Access grants, Rentals and Maintenance.
  • Create and Customize Complex Documents: Generates customized documents and forms.
  • Integrate Information: Establishes information integration and sharing, unifying diverse business functions across an enterprise.
  • Provide Agile Configuration: Allows for modifications to meet changing business needs and provides continuing value.
  • Support Data: Imports a variety of spatial and non-spatial data elements such as: ESRI, Intergraph and Google Earth.

Real Track Benefits
  • Transform Real Property and Right of Way Processes: Reduces cost, improves service, and enables fast and easy collaboration between companies and public agencies.
  • Safeguard Information: Safeguards sensitive information with customizable security features.
  • Standardize Operations: Promotes homogeneous business processes between geographically dispersed personnel.
  • Empowers Better Decision Making: Supports more informed, accurate and timely business decisions.
  • Ensure Accountability: Tracks workflows and approvals throughout the entire R/W acquisition process.
  • Reduce Training Costs: Captures and shares user knowledge across a workforce

Integrated Workplace Management

Flairdocs™ Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)- is a world class solution that streamlines your real estate infrastructure operations for the highest levels of efficiency. The key differentiators of our solution include: configurability, scalability, ease of use integration and powerful reporting.

Integrated Workplace Management Key Features
  • Flairdocs™ Real Estate: With this module, you can manage your existing properties and related workflows and easily integrate them with your financial and other ERP systems
  • Flairdocs™ Asset Management: This module allows you to track and determine your access to real estate assets.
  • Flairdocs™ Project Management: Flairdocs™ provides a large number of both predefined, as well as ad-hoc reports, which allow you to manage your projects, related resources and budget.

Integrated Workplace Management Benefits
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Allows Workforce management that can integrate with real estate modules
  • Simplified Project Management
  • Easily configurable workflow