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Fast Track


Fast Track is our lightweight, “Software as a Service” (SaaS) version of our flagship Enterprise solution, Flairdocs. Reliable, secure, and stored on the cloud, you can “rent” Fast Track for a low cost for as long as you need, while keeping your data safe and separate.

  • Rapid Installation A typical 5-10 day installation places minimal demands on your busy team.
  • Low Cost, High Quality Affordable for small to medium size operations, while keeping the rich features of Flairdocs.
  • Easy to Use, Intuitive User Interface reduces the learning curve and training time.
  • No Long Term Commitment required ‘rent’ Fast Track for as long as you need it!
  • No Need to Manage Technical Infrastructure Fast Track is fully hosted and supported by Flairdocs technical experts.
Fast Track Features

Flairdocs Fast Track support end-to-end tracking and process automation for all aspects of your Right of Way project. Featured modules of the product include:

  • Right of Way Acquisition
  • Project &Tract Management
  • Estimation
  • Permitting
  • Legal and Condemnation
  • Lease
  • Survey
  • Appraisal
  • Title Search
Administrative Functions Include
  • Role Based Security, with employee and contractor access
  • Configurable Lists
  • Common Instrument Templates
  • Reporting & Notification Engine