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Contract Track

Contract Management

Contract Management is a complex process that spans from the early stages of the acquisition lifecycle through the life of the resulting contract. With Contract Track, you acquire a robust and mature way to modernize your contract lifecycle management process through our web-based framework that has led the industry for over half a decade.

Contract Track Benefits

  • Automate All Steps of Contract Management to Ensure Accuracy
    • Contract Track integrates and automates the process of generating user requirements, budgetary approvals, solicitation processes, evaluation, award, and post-award performance monitoring to ensure total accuracy.
  • Simplify Legal Compliance
    • The Contract Track eContracting solution allows for the easy creation of electronic legal contract documents, and provides additional support services for negotiation, arbitration, and more.
  • Ensure Transparency and Accountability
    • By streamlining contract management, Contract Track enhances interdepartmental communication, thereby increasing accountability and transparency in a difficult legal process.