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Flairdocs Industries

Implemented by over 2000 clients and government agencies worldwide, Flairdocs™ is truly at the cutting edge of Right of Way management. Business leaders everywhere are finding that our powerful solution provides a unique competitive advantage in their industry, helping reduce costs, speed production, and generate new revenue opportunities.

Our experience in selected vertical industries allows us to take these benefits a step further. Drawing upon extensive industry knowledge and background, we can customize Flairdocs to fit your needs.

How can Flairdocs give you a competitive edge in your industry? Click below to find out.



We can improve efficiencies for all types of pipeline; water, oil, natural gas, etc. Land acquisition, exploration, and management require complex documentation, logistical organization, and legal proceedings. Flairdocs has a proven track record of streamlining the legal framework for land acquisition and management, allowing your company to expand and thrive in a clean, efficient manner.


Benefits to Our Pipeline Clients:

  • One-Stop-Shop for Right of Way
    • Flairdocs manages the entire Right of Way process in one solution, guiding you all the way from the initial land survey, through legal consultations, all the way to land acquisition and title management, streamlining the process to save you time, training, and money.
  • Stay One Step Ahead of Regulators
    • Flairdocs provides templates for all necessary legal documents, and can store data on the most up to date regulations in the industry. Standardization and tracking of workflows, documents and approvals helps ensure accountability and compliance throughout your workforce.

Key Features for Our Pipeline Clients:

Flairdocs contains modules for all aspects of your right of way management process, including:

  • Integrated lease management and Right of Way modules
  • Mineral and sub surface rights module
  • Exploration and Production module
  • Integrated Facilities module
  • Integrated GIS
  • Featured reporting (both Ad-Hoc and Canned)

Use powerful GIS tools to visually plan alternate routes, and estimate the costs of different designs in real time, use color coded status themes to quickly gather information about a project, and display land owner, property, and other data, all at the click of a mouse

Stay connected with intuitive, real-time access and updates to all stakeholder communication while in the field with a dedicated mobile solution for Flairdocs! The mobile version also contains offline supportability.


Department of Transportation

Highway and road construction are never easy, and are only made more difficult by the complexities of the Right of Way process. Remove the hassle, and streamline your Right of Way with Flairdocs! With powerful data collection, document generation, and workflow management capabilities, Flairdocs can take what was once a hindrance, and transform it into something that can save your company time and money.


Benefits to Our Transportation Clients:

  • Modules for All Aspects of Right of Way
    • Flairdocs is designed to support all aspects of Right of Way, be it the prospecting stage, relocation, acquisition, legal issues, and more. Standardizing the process into a single application across departments and personnel can increase compliance and accuracy, and save significant training costs.
  • Automate to Increase Accountability
    • Customize Flairdocs to automate payments, to schedule communications with onsite managers, to incorporate local regulations into its rules of operation, and more! This ensures accuracy and accountability across your organization.

Key Features for Our Transportation Clients:

  • Manages a high volume of complex documents, and eliminate paper-based processes and provides centralized storage of all project-related data, documents, photos, etc.
  • Supports end to end tracking and process automation of appraisal, negotiation, acquisition, and relocation processes, as well as Property Management.
  • Integrates data and work for all aspects of Right of Way into a single management portal, allowing fewer people to tackle larger tasks in less time, more easily than ever before.
  • Supports integration and collaboration between RoW unit and other business units across the organization and external business partners
  • Customizable dashboards and reports ensure your organization has the most effective views and insights into your operations.
  • A Visual Planning Guide for Your Projects: Use ESRI-integrated GIS maps to visually track your projects, estimate costs of alternate routes, and gain parcel information at the click of a button.
  • Automated right of way solution supporting property acquisition, management and its disposition
  • Integrated workflow for better tracking
  • Coupled document/template generation with each module
  • Asset Management integrated with ROW solution
  • Outdoor Advertising module integrated with Right of Way
  • Mobile and offline mode supportable
  • Digital signature for template generation
  • Configurable forms and dynamic business rules




Flairdocs was specifically designed with the needs of our government clients in mind, offering an opportunity to securely integrate their legacy data, and to streamline and standardize their processes across departments, engendering efficiency. Our product modernizes time consuming, paper-based processes into efficient, paperless solutions. Key areas include case management, contract management, land rights management, and integrated workplace management. Flairdocs proven track record in local, state, and federal governments makes it the ideal choice to bring public projects into the 21stcentury.


Benefits to Our Federal Clients:

  • Standardize and Simplify
    • Flairdocs manages your processes from beginning to end in a single solution, allowing you to standardize processes across departments, and save time and training costs doing so.
  • Securely Integrate Your Data
    • Flairdocs is compatible with all legacy systems and information, integrating it into a single, secure database hosted on our secure SAS70 Compliant data center. Access is defined by role-based, administrator defined protocol to ensure the complete safety of your confidential information.
  • Automate and Manage All Logistical Processes
    • Flairdocs allows you to automate document generation and submission, communication across departments, and allows you to manage all relevant legal information to keep up with shifting regulations.

Key Features for Our Federal Clients:

  • Manage procurement, agreements and contracts, as well as paperwork and other complex documents
  • Automate the entire contract life cycle
  • Strengthen workflow and improve compliance
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders
  • Supports mobile document capabilities
  • Integrates imaging database with global search capabilities
  • Allows for dynamic membership and administration
  • Delivers powerful reporting
  • Facilitates document management with cutting-edge template designer
  • Exports to pdf, Excel and Microsoft Word
  • Supports Electronic Signatures
  • Integrates easily with internal & external systems

Products That Assist Federal:


Public Utility

The energy marketplace is volatile, filled with geopolitical tensions, environmental regulations, and more, which have led to an industry shift from pure exploration to cost savings strategies. But with the sheer number of compliance mandates that companies face nowadays, even this may seem unattainable.

Flairdocs, however, makes compliance easy. By streamlining the Right of Way process, and allowing you to keep track of regulations while automating and managing your business, you can save time, training effort, and above all, reduce costs for your enterprise.


Benefits to Our Public Utility Clients:

  • Automate Right of Way Management
    • Flairdocs provides management tools for all aspects of Right of Way, allowing you to automate business processes and streamline collaboration between departments to enhance accountability and reduce training time.
  • Simplify Legal Work and Help Ensure Compliance
    • Flairdocs provides templates for all necessary legal documents, and can store data on the most up to date regulations in the industry. Standardization and tracking of workflows, documents and approvals helps ensure accountability and compliance throughout your workforce.
  • GIS Enabled
    • Generate comprehensive, interactive maps to visually track your infrastructure and estimate costs for new projects.

Key Features for Our Public Utility Clients:

  • Flairdocs provides a powerful, integrated solution to streamline your right of way processes with full compliance to the Federal Uniform Act
  • Powerful GIS Capabilities: Use powerful GIS tools to visually plan alternate routes, and estimate the costs of different designs in real time, use color coded status themes to quickly gather information about a project, and display land owner, property, and other data, all at the click of a mouse
  • Contains modules for all of the following:
    • Integrated construction domain
    • Integrated environmental module
    • Integrated community outreach module
    • Mobile and offline mode supportability
    • Integrated utility tracking and relocation modules
    • Modules for the tracking of Mineral and Subsurface rights

Products That Assist Public Utility:


Wind and Renewable Energy

In an emerging market such as that of renewable energy, cutting costs and staying efficient are the keys to edging out competition, especially in a field flanked by the giants of traditional energy. Flairdocs can give you that edge by turning the chaotic complexity of Right of Way into a streamlined, easy-to-use solution that will enhance your strategic edge, reduce hassle, and save you money.


Benefits to our Wind and Renewable Energy Clients:

  • Simplify, Standardize, Succeed
    • Flairdocs integrates all data and work for all aspects of Right of Way into a single management portal, allowing fewer people to tackle larger tasks in less time, more easily than ever before.
  • Manage and Automate All Aspects of Business
    • Flairdocs customizable workflow management system allows you to generate all necessary Right-of-Way documents, maintain updates on regulations, automate correspondence, notification and payments, and even provides assistance for land-based advertising and business development.
  • Plan Ahead with GIS Capability
    • Flairdocs Geographic Information Systems enabled maps allow you to visually plan your next project, be it a turbine, a wind farm, or more. Calculate costs and parcel allotment to give your business a strategic and competitive edge before you even set foot on your land.

Key Features for our Wind and Renewable Energy Clients:

  • Integrated right of way acquisition and leasing solution that includes integrated modules for construction, payment processing, and environmental sectors
  • Aerial Imagery and GIS support, along with predictive modelling capabilities

Products That Assist Wind and Renewable Energy:


Law Firms

Managing the legal aspects of Right of Way can be a project all in itself. Flairdocs allows law firms engaged in the Land Management business to stay in the loop with their clients’ Right of Way processes, monitoring each step of the business while allowing for the creation and management of top notch legal documents and information.


Benefits to Our Legal Clients:

  • Automate and Conquer the Documentation Process
    • Flairdocs compiles all of your relevant, disparate data on your client’s Right of Way to create top notch legal documents out of predesigned or custom templates. Automate document submission and notification to increase business efficiency and lower the cost of doing business.
  • See Through the Client’s Eyes
    • Our top of the line Geographic Information System maps provide an interactive way to monitor the Right of Way process, allowing you to visually navigate a construction timeline, and obtain invaluable intel on your clients’ Right of Way processes.
  • Customized and Tailored to Your Needs
    • Flairdocs can be customized to provide support on everything from Condemnation and Legal proceedings, to relocation processes, to title appraisal, and more.

Key Features For Our Legal Clients:

  • Flairdocs includes module for complex document/template generation, along with dynamic clause inclusion, and incorporate an electronic signature capability with document generation
  • Modules for form or template designing incorporated into a comprehensive workflow support system
  • Integrated payment/financial module for legal processing
  • Executive Dashboards and KPI reporting
  • Enhanced notifications for better communication

Products That Assist Law Firms:



For financial professionals, the complexity of simultaneously managing clients’ investments, meeting compliance mandates, and meeting the demanding logistics of larger projects, be they Right-of-Way or something else, demands a solution that can simply make the process easier. Flairdocs can do all of that, and more.

Through Flairdocs, you can automate and manage all facets of your financial projects through a single, easy to use solution that streamlines your data and workload to save you time, energy, and money.


Benefits to Our Financial Clients:

  • Produce Complex Documents at the Click of a Mouse
    • Flairdocs compiles all relevant data into a single pool, allowing you to instantly configure all necessary documents for your projects. Use our solution to offer a personal loan, suggest a suitable futures hedge on a fixed income purchase, or simply complete and automate transactions with clients.
  • Automate and Excel
    • Configure and customize Flairdocs to send out automatic payments and communications with clients, alerting and updating you to the process every step of the way.
  • Secure Your Data, Secure Your Business
    • Flairdocs is hosted on our highly-secure SAS70 Compliant data center, and your company’s access to the information that Flairdocs manages will be customized and prioritized based on role, allowing for the highest available industry security.

Key Features For Our Financial Clients:

  • Simplify your complex, financial business workflows by integrating all of your information into a single solution.
  • Generate documents that integrate high tech features such as electronic signatures, and integrate barcode and scanning solutions to automate your document management processes.
  • Fully mobile-supported, so that you can take your business on the go-with or without an internet connection!

Products That Assist Finance: