Flairsoft Implants Izenda’s Business Intelligence and Analytics Software into Flairdocs™

by flairdocs

New competences streamline administration of complex, interstate property acquisition and Right-of-Way negotiations for utility companies and governments.Flairsoft leverages Izenda inside its Flairdocs software, enabling users to create reports and dashboards…

30 Jan, 2017

GIS technologies bring new efficiencies to managing right of way projects

by flairdocs

Imagine a technology solution that could streamline some of your most costly and time-consuming business processes. A product that could actually help reduce operational cost and facilitate better decision-making, all…

18 Jul, 2016

Flairsoft Invests in Local Community

by flairdocs

At Flairsoft, we are committed to serving our community, which is why we regularly give back to show our support. Flairsoft CEO, Dheeraj Kulshrestha, firmly believes in doing well by…

10 Sep, 2015

Sharing Flairdocs in Chocolate City

by flairdocs

We love traveling and talking to a variety of professionals about our product, Flairdocs. Recently, we attended the Southeastern Electric Exchange 2015 Annual Conference and Trade Show “Engineering & Operation,…

24 Jul, 2015

IRWA 2015 in San Diego was a Success!

by flairdocs

We love telling others about our product and sharing with prospective customers how we can help them improve efficiencies within their organization to complete their right of way projects on…

9 Jul, 2015

Flairsoft Achieves Silver Data Platform Competency from Microsoft

by flairdocs

Flairsoft is proud to announce its attainment of Silver Data Platform Competency through the Microsoft Partner Network, vindicating its excellence in the areas of Data Platform and SQL Server based…

12 Nov, 2014

Flairsoft: A Premier Partner in Higher Education

by flairdocs

  If you didn’t know any better, you’d think he was just another member of the team. He comes in every day with a smile on his face, and makes…

3 Nov, 2014

Industry Pulse, August 2014: The Future of Mobile Technology in Business

by flairdocs

The advantages of mobile computing are, to say the very least, strikingly obvious. When you have a job that requires time both in a field and behind a screen, who…

27 Aug, 2014

In Depth Monthly Product Highlight: Fast Track, Advantages of Software as a Service

by flairdocs

The glories of having an enterprise-wide, customized piece of software need no introduction; to simply have a workflow management system that fits your company’s full specifications can be elating, even…

15 Aug, 2014

IRWA 2014 Education Conference

by flairdocs

The IRWA 2014 Education Conference has come and gone - and what a conference it was! Over 1000 people attended the Constitution State's convention, and the Flairsoft team pulled out…

30 Jul, 2014